Built with every modern advantage

The pass-through lobby is bright and inviting, creating beautiful spaces that draw the energy in from the streets.

The Workplace Experience

The concourse floor will feature a high-end fitness center, a conference center, multi-sport simulator and a social lounge with self-serve coffees, beverages and snacks.

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During the renovation process of 2401 Cedar Springs, Crescent identified substantial opportunities to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance the outside air and exhaust air (OSA/EA) capabilities. Crescent partnered with the engineering firm, Telios, to redesign the OSA/EA system, and the system now supersedes the required Ashrea 62.1 standard for indoor air quality. Additionally, CO2 quenching systems were installed to monitor CO2 levels on each floor of the building. Learn more about 2401 Cedar Springs building improvements.

Building Improvements


Environmental – Energy use, water use, and material management

Social – Indoor well-being

Governance – Good management of facility operation and maintenance

ESG Building Health